Lynn O'Connor Vos

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Lynn O'Connor Vos

Report by Lynn O’Connor Vos
Chief executive officer


hg|greyhealth group had another consecutive year of growth, fueled by breakthrough, multi-channel agency launch campaigns, innovative medical education, healthcare-access programs and cutting-edge health IT. As a recognized leader in partnering with medical affairs for ‘pre-commercialization,’ ghg achieved high growth in our scientific and value-based communications.

ghg works with some of the world’s most influential companies, creating everything from TV and digital content, to CRM, mobile apps and virtual-reality experiences. We have forged partnerships with some of the industry’s biggest game-changers, such as IBM Watson and VICE (Tonic). We have also invested in tomorrow’s technology leaders, including OptimizeRx, ScrollMotion and Text4Baby (recently featured in an exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum).

We have forged partnerships with some of the industry’s biggest game-changers, such as IBM Watson and VICE

But what truly differentiates us, beyond award-winning campaigns and high-science initiatives, is the reputation we have acquired as inventors of healthcare solutions – we have built, designed, and/or developed the following: the Quitter’s Circle app for smoking cessation, which was the first healthcare app on the Apple iWatch; the Metastatic Breast Cancer Advisor with IBM Watson – an AI program that allows patients, physicians, payers and policy-makers to access 10 years of global research on metastatic breast cancer; the Gum Health Physical tool, for Colgate, to aid in patient education, awareness and compliance; and our vaccines team supplied the first branded Facebook page in a key client's history, helping that company usher in a new era of social sharing.

ghg continues its thought leadership and original research with new studies about millennials and health activators, in partnership with Kantar Health. Our white paper, The New World of Healthcare: What Millennials Want, explores this quickly-growing, soon-to-be-primary healthcare consumer cohort, which is changing the industry with its unique outlook, preferences, and habits.

At ghg, we believe ‘Communication is the Cure.’ It’s the way we live, and what we do for our clients every single day.