Implementation of reward policy for management outside the Board

As noted in Notes to the policy table, the Company uses share-based compensation programs across the Company to incentivise and retain employees, recruit new talent and to encourage a strong ownership culture among employees. The use of the core share plans in 2016 is described below.

The Restricted Stock Plan (RSP)

The WPP Leaders, Partners and High Potential program made awards to about 1,700 of our key executives in 2016. Awards will vest three years after grant, provided the participant is still employed within the Group. In addition, senior executives have part of their annual bonus paid in the form of executive or performance share awards that vest two years after grant. The Executive Directors do not participate in any other aspect of the RSP except for the deferred share bonus award. All awards granted under the RSP are subject to malus and clawback conditions.

WPP Share Option Plan 2015

During 2016, the WPP Share Option Plan 2015 was used to make awards to over 48,000 employees. By 31 December 2016, options under this plan, and its predecessor the Worldwide Ownership Plan, had been granted to approximately 157,000 employees over 78 million shares since March 1997.

During 2016, approximately 15,000 WPP employees who had received awards under the Worldwide Ownership Plan, took advantage of the strong share price and exercised their options.

While the Share Option Plan provides the authority to make executive option awards, in addition to all-employee awards, no awards were granted in 2016. The Executive Directors do not participate in this plan.

Share incentive dilution for 2006 to 2016

The share incentive dilution level, measured on a 10-year rolling basis, was at 3.0% at 31 December 2016 (2015: 2.9%). It is intended that awards under all plans, other than share options, will all be satisfied with purchased shares held either in the ESOPs or in treasury.

Sir John Hood
Chairman of the Compensation Committee on behalf of the Board of Directors of WPP plc
19 April 2017