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Sudler and Hennessey

Jed Beitler

Report by Jed Beitler
Chairman and chief executive officer worldwide


udler & Hennessey celebrated its 75th anniversary by producing a big idea that will ensure great talent for decades to come: S&H implemented a global apprenticeship for 75 college graduates and provided two months of training and real-world work experience – and a stipend.

Additionally, two initiatives were launched: Science & Learning, an education and training model led by Louisa Holland, to help clients strategically leverage critical data to secure stronger positions for their brands; while Rob Rogers was appointed to lead promotional efforts for Sudler New York and Sentrix Communications Healthcare, to execute plans with a fresh attitude and new talent, and a new business effort.

S&H implemented a global apprenticeship for 75 college graduates

In the realm of recognition, Chris Duffey was appointed a juror at Cannes Lions Health, two Sudler New York teams were named among the top 10 Young Lions Health finalists, and BeLive, the first wearable and app to track pain in real-time, won 18 awards, including Sudler’s first-ever Cannes Lion; IntraMed was honored with the MAHF’s Digital Pioneer Award.

Rounding out the year’s activities, S&H acquired the San Francisco-based digital specialist shop, Viscira, expanding the range of interactive solutions and technology horsepower, and new senior leadership was appointed in Australia and Japan.