Reports from our company leaders


Report by Sabina Teshler
Founder and chief executive officer


ET, a world-class brand experience agency, joined WPP in June 2015. We design and curate great customer experiences in retail, trade and live event environments.

Operating from our US base in Portland, Oregon, SET was originally established to support major leisure apparel brands such as Nike, Oakley and Arc’teryx. In North America, SET also has offices in Long Beach, California and New York and this has led to the diversification of our offer to win major assignments from Google, TCCC, Christian Dior, Beats, Spotify and Microsoft.

2015 was a significant year as SET began our international expansion through the acquisition of live events agency Flourish in London. The founders, Catherine Smee and Guy Tremlett, joined the global management board and will look to expand their imaginative expertise into new markets. We also established a presence in Amsterdam.

2015’s high points included NBA All Stars for Nike, Michael Jordan Paris at Palais Tokyo and the Bentayga launch for Bentley at the Geneva motor show. In 2016, we look forward to playing a significant role in Group XP.