Our growth markets

WPP companies now operate in 112 countries; the latest: Cuba. Here we show WPP’s strength in growth markets of the world as well as in some of our key mature markets.

Revenues denote the collective figure for all WPP companies (including associates) in a given country and are reported at 2015 constant currency rates.

People denotes the number of people employed by WPP companies (including associates) in a given country.

As at 31 December 2015.


Country Revenue Headcount
US $6.7bn 25,000
UK $3.2bn 17,000
Greater China $1.6bn 14,000
Germany $1.3bn 7,500
Australia / New Zealand $800m 4,000
France $750m 5,000
Japan $600m 4,000
Brazil $600m 6,000
India $500m 14,000
South Africa $500m 32,000*
South Korea $300m 1,400
Mexico $200m 2,400
Russia $150m 2,000
Turkey $140m 1,400
Colombia $100m 1,800
Indonesia $100m 1,400
Vietnam $100m 1,200
Philippines $80m 1,200
East Africa $60m 1,600
Egypt $30m 400
Pakistan $30m 1,600
Nigeria $20m 200
Bangladesh $10m 500

* Includes fieldforce of 28,000.