Reports from our company leaders

The Partnership

Report by Jim Prior
Chief executive officer


s a group of five distinct but closely-collaborative companies operating from 20 offices around the world, The Partnership combines all the benefits of a global brand and design network with those of boutique, specialist agencies. Each company is a reputational leader in its field and is committed to a relentlessly high standard of work delivered through individually-tailored client relationships led by senior practitioners.

All five companies in The Partnership delivered strong performances in 2015.

Addison Group

Under the leadership of CEO Tom Robinson, the company strengthened its reputation as a leader in corporate content and communication, most notably with clients such as British Land and Essentra. Digital capabilities form a significant part of the offer and were instrumental in securing several new client wins.


Specialists in the creation and management of dynamic brands, Lambie-Nairn’s offer proved compelling to clients across the world in 2015. The company’s Brand Optimisation offer – a systemised way to manage multi-market, multi-brand, multi-agency brand coherence – and its outstanding capabilities in motion graphic design helped the company perform strongly.

Peclers Paris

CEO Eric Duchamp oversaw a successful year. The company’s highly-influential trend books sold well globally and its consulting business grew substantially in China, the US and Europe. With long-established strength in the fashion and beauty sectors, Peclers continues to gain traction as a general trend and futures expert with value to a wide-reaching portfolio of clients.

The Partners

The Partners saw excellent growth across all of its three offices – London, New York and Singapore. The company’s reputation for a balanced combination of strategic and creative excellence was furthered by its Brand Value Growth study, produced in conjunction with BrandZ and Millward Brown, and by numerous creative award successes around the world.


From its base in the Netherlands, VBAT’s influence extended far and wide in 2015, for example with major programs of work for Woolworths in Australia and Pemex in Mexico. Under the leadership of CEO Eugene Bay, and with capabilities in retail, packaging and corporate brand design, VBAT is a leading light in the Dutch market and a global force.