Reports from our company leaders

Y&R Group

Report by Peter Stringham
Retiring chief executive officer

Report by Peter Law-Gisiko
Chief executive officer


n my tenure as CEO of Young & Rubicam Group, it’s been our mission to make collaboration among the companies as productive as possible for our clients. To that end, we’ve built cross-disciplinary training programs, expanded our Global Intelligence team and made Rubicam University a robust workshop that tackles a real client challenge in real-time. At the same time, we have encouraged each company to develop the capabilities and craft that make them unique. 

As I retire and Peter Law-Gisiko succeeds me, I am confident that Young & Rubicam Group will remain a unique offering within WPP.


Report by Peter Law-Gisiko (above)
Chief executive officer


e are all thankful to Peter Stringham for the leadership he has given Y&R Group over the past seven years. Peter has helped sustain the connective tissue that makes working together across Y&R Group and WPP on behalf of clients a seamless, productive and natural proposition. 

Horizontality is a way of life for us, and always has been. More than four decades ago, Young & Rubicam staked out new territory by creating a way for its companies – all leaders in their disciplines – to connect and collaborate in a way that made us, as our mantra said: Best Alone. Better Together. 

When you look at Y&R Group’s companies – Y&R, VML, Wunderman, Burson-Marsteller, Cohn & Wolfe, Landor and Sudler & Hennessey – they are differentiated by the currency and relevance of their core capabilities. They are unified by a set of values, a collaborative ethos and a shared experience of more than 40 years of working side by side.

Looking at Y&R Group as a whole, we are armed to address every challenge marketers face today and tomorrow. Our capabilities align in the key areas of market demand: All our companies are digital to the core, with the digital thinking and technology that redefines the customer experience. We have big data and analytics that drive insights, innovation, targeting and messaging. We can create content that keeps pace with real-time, 24/7 media consumption. And we are great storytellers, adept at creating narratives and images and ideas that build brands that not only live in culture but create culture and resonate in the minds of consumers. 

Horizontality is a way of life for us, and always has been

Over the next pages, you will read the achievements of each of the companies. The Y&R Group remains unique in our industry as a long-standing group within a group, offering not only some of the world’s strongest and most iconic marketing and communications brands but a proven history of working together and an outlook that embraces horizontality across WPP.