Unequal Ball

By Y&R, Mexico City, Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

For Lifetime TV Channel Brand Lifetime

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Identity and Branding - Promotional Items

Project Description
Using the ongoing momentum of the FIFA World Cup (a month prior to the global event), we decided to use the most beloved sport in Mexico to display one of the biggest problems in the country: gender inequality.
And of course, soccer is no stranger to such problem. The media coverage for the female league represents just 9% of male league coverage.
The wages of female players are 1% of those of male players and when it comes to sponsorships, they represent 8% compared to men’s.
These differences translate to a clear economic disadvantage for female soccer, from salaries to even the quality of the fields where they play.
Agency Solution
We decided to use soccer as an example of gender inequality in Mexico, showcasing the problematic that plays against most football players in order to make people aware of the bigger picture, gender inequality in Mexico is present in and outside the field.
A common object and familiar to everyone was transformed into a three-dimensional infographic, by turning a soccer ball into an spherical pie chart, where you could understand proportions and the information they represent in terms of scale.
The information and therefore the message was easily understood when holding the ball in your hands. Negative information designed to be kicked as a statement of things that need change.

We used the brand colors to create colorful and cheerful combinations to illustrate the different sets of data printed on the surface of the soccer balls. Simple yet bold graphics combined with data created an educational object that changed from object of play to object of reflection.

Using small scale production we produced a limited edition series of 60 balls to be included as part of a press kit designed to inform the recipients and act as a colorful photo-op.
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