Facebook Award

By Design Bridge , London, UK

For Facebook Brand Facebook

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Identity and Branding - Promotional Items

Project Description
Each year, the Facebook Awards honours the most provocative campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Having introduced a new global judging criteria for 2017 – based on how successfully creative campaigns make people laugh, cry, love, wow or act – the Facebook Awards needed an equally engaging trophy to help celebrate and commend the work.
Our challenge was to replace the previous wooden cube-shaped award with a more desirable version that perfectly captured the spirit behind people's emotional reactions. The previous trophy design was made of costly materials and was expensive to make, so we were also briefed to ensure that the on-going, annual production of the new trophies was more cost effective.
Agency Solution
It was the unique company culture at Facebook that inspired our idea. Having learnt that Facebook marks its employees 1st year with a balloon, we created a magical heart-shaped balloon that reflects the heart behind every campaign. It's an idea that combines the symbolic balloon memento with the familiar heart-shaped 'love' icon that you’ll find on Facebook and Instagram.
The new trophy was designed, developed and protoyped in our workshop, with all externally finished parts hand-assembled by us in-house. To transform the injection moulded plastic balloon into a metal-looking object, we electroplated it and applied an iridescent finish. The metal base has a brushed satin finish, whilst the personalised tag and string are made from chromed metal.
Our specially designed presentation box gives people a glimpse of the beautiful award inside, whilst ensuring that the new trophy can be easily packed and sent to the winners all over the world.
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