Gun Crazy

By Grey, New York, USA

For States United To Prevent Gun Violence

Highly Commended in category Advertising

In subcategory Film

Project Description
Make people think twice about our society’s obsession with guns by creating the latest Hollywood, gun-filled blockbuster – but this time, the violence and death were real.
Agency Solution
We made a movie called Gun Crazy. A website, movie trailer and posters were developed to excite fans and seed this film as the latest gun-filled Hollywood blockbuster. We then invited self-professed action movie lovers to the premiere.
When the film rolled, the audience was shocked to see real footage of gun violence, including unintentional shootings, incidents of domestic violence and homicides. Hidden cameras filmed the stunned reactions and post-screening interviews revealed the impact the film had on viewers.
The footage was captured in the powerful Gun Crazy PSA which brings to light the campaign’s core message: We need to change the way we look at guns – we would be crazy not to.
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