Everybody Loves Boobs

By DAVID, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Project Description
The campaign is based on a music video featuring mainly women’s breasts, which have mouths instead of nipples singing a catchy song that aims at raising awareness of the importance of early detection.
The content was initially published on MACMA’s YouTube and Facebook channels. Local celebrities supported the campaign to extend the scope of the message organically.
In the second stage, once the message had freely reached people, we developed a PR plan to start a global debate, highlighting the need to clearly communicate the importance of early breast cancer detection to give the number one cause of death by cancer in adult women the importance it deserves.
This time with a more candid strategy that straightforwardly challenges censorship.
Agency Solution
Argentina has the second-highest breast cancer mortality rate in all Latin America. Nevertheless, social media keeps banning female nipples, even when it comes to breast cancer awareness campaigns. These media channels are critical to promoting early detection, which is key to reducing breast cancer altogether.

That’s why MACMA (Breast Cancer Help Movement) gave boobs a louder voice by launching “Everybody Loves Boobs" - a music video raising awareness for breast cancer on social media platforms. The video features a choir of singing boobs with mouths instead of nipples to avoid the female nipple ban. The goal was to remind people to take care of that part of the body everybody loves, while at the same time making a statement against censorship rules on social media platforms.
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