Break the Routine

By J. Walter Thompson, London, UK

For NCDV and Victim Support

Highly Commended in category Advertising

In subcategory Film

Project Description
High-risk victims live with domestic abuse for more than two years before getting specialist help.
By creating a powerful music promo based on a physically intense dance and backed by an exclusive Ellie Goulding track, we created a cross channel media campaign without actually having any budget for media that drove huge increases in domestic abuse referrals to Victim support and NCDV websites.
Launching the campaign with a live experiential performance in a busy London business district and using a previously unreleased Ellie Goulding track (and her social support) ensured the film reached an engaged (and younger and harder to reach) audience.
The execution has delivered millions of views and drove a 70% uplift in first time uses of the VS site in the first week of going live.
Agency Solution
Domestic abuse is an uncomfortable and taboo subject – but to successfully drive awareness and action you need to find a way for people not to turn off or turn away.
To make the unwatchable watchable we created a beautifully powerful but intense and shocking dance routine which told the story of a woman in an abusive relationship, but in way that didn’t put viewers off.
By employing one of the world’s most experienced choreographers and teaming him up with a multi-award winning director and dancers (a couple in real life) we were able to do this.
By analysing statistics supplied by NCDV we were able to pin-point a very specific issue within domestic abuse, the amount of time sufferers actually spend in abusive relationships before they find the courage to get help.
Once the creative idea was decided on we brought another charity partner onboard to add reach, weight and further statistical backing.
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