WPPedCream 2015

This year’s entries are redefining the boundaries for this category.

The winners are all ‘digital first’ in their design and execution; a true reflection of the dramatic changes that are taking place in our industry.

In all of them we see work that is being developed through the interaction of data, technology and content and which explores new creative possibilities for agencies to play with.

Take, for example, the Sugar Accumulator, using consumers’ online basket data to guide healthier choices or the Crème de la Crème-winning Bose work that takes insights from music streaming data to inform content development that is designed to work brilliantly on digital platforms.

It is also great to see that, although these winners rely on technology, they apply it with emotional intelligence: it is evident in the way that Dove used the unique properties of Instagram to support young women’s self-esteem, in the power of the stories revealed through the Royal British Legion work and the excitement and buzz of Nike’s World Cup campaign.

Integration is often discussed in the business as a dry, abstract concept – these winners make it live in the form of dynamic ideas designed for how we live now.