WPPedCream 2015

I suppose there will come a time when we don’t have an integrated category within WPPED Cream. Just as I suppose it’s becoming increasingly odd to single out ‘Digital,’ as if it remains a distinct discipline. As Angela Merkel said: “everything that can be digital will be digital." So it follows I suspect that the really big ideas in marketing and advertising will necessarily be ‘integrated,' that is: work across platforms and media. Otherwise an idea probably isn’t that big in the first place. Anyway enough of this philosophical navel gazing, let’s just celebrate the quality of the thinking in the following screens as you swipe your way through.  

Our Crème de la Crème, Groceries not Guns from Grey Toronto, is a truly amazing piece of work, that has rightly garnered the highest praise (and awards) wherever it has been entered. But it was pushed hard by the other contenders here, and shows yet again WPP companies at their very best, whatever labels people want to put on categories.