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Campaign: Power of 49

WPP company(s):
Maxus Bangalore
Tata Tea


In India, women still experience high levels of sexual discrimination and violence. Yet, though women make up 49% of the population many Indian women don’t vote in national elections. Tata Tea and Maxus Delhi launched Power of 49 to encourage more women to have a voice on issues that affect their lives and to use their vote to bring about change. The campaign included empowerment stories integrated into India’s daytime TV soap operas, interventions by 50 leading Bollywood stars and a mobile app and website, which enabled women to highlight issues affecting them.


  • 1.2 million women created the world’s first crowd-sourced political manifesto
  • Tata Tea sales increased by 13.4%
  • Number of women intending to vote increased by 300%, a total of 8 million people


  • Grand Envie 2014: 7 awards
Women pointing to their foreheads