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Campaign: Vodafone Red Light

WPP company(s):
Team Red Istanbul


Vodafone is committed to using mobile technology to help empower women and address challenging issues such as domestic violence.

Domestic violence affects many women in Turkey. WPP’s Team Red helped Vodafone Turkey create a new app to make it easier for these women to get help. During an attack a woman can simply shake her phone and the app will send an SMS to three nominated contacts, along with her location. The app is disguised as a flashlight and the creative campaign was designed to raise awareness among women without alerting men. This included messages hidden in clothing labels and video tutorials on topics such as applying make up.


  • Over 200,000 women watched and shared the tutorials


  • Crystal Apple Awards: 3 Crystal, 2 Silver
  • Felis Awards: Best Digital Integrated Campaign
  • Eurobest Awards: Silver
Vodafone stop violence poster