Charities and not-for-profit organisations need the best quality communications services to engage with the public and policy makers, to raise funds, to recruit new members and to achieve their campaign objectives. However, with limited financial resources they often can’t prioritise these services.

Pro bono work, creative services provided for little or no fee, can make a real difference. It gives organisations working in areas such as education, human rights, health, arts and the environment access to the best creative talent and insight, enabling them to reach out and make a difference in the world.

Our agencies have a long history of pro bono work, with partnerships sometimes stretching back decades. Thousands of people in our companies across all disciplines devote their time and energies each year to creating powerful, impactful campaigns.

This isn’t just good for our pro bono clients but for our business too. Pro bono campaigns are an opportunity for our people to explore and develop their creativity and to create meaningful work that supports their own professional and personal development. The success of their efforts is recognised in the many awards won by these campaigns each year, which is good for our companies too.

I’m pleased to recognise and thank our people for their work in this area during 2014, and to share with you some of the inspiring pro bono work produced by our companies.

Sir Martin Sorrell
Group chief executive
[email protected]