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Campaign: Ungiven Gifts

WPP company(s):
Grey Melbourne
Transport Accident Commission
A white helmet with a label with a message on it

This installation in central Melbourne featured 209 ungiven gifts – one for everyone killed on Victoria’s roads during the year. It was a poignant reminder to drive safely during the festive season, or risk leaving family and friends without their loved one at Christmas.


  • Road deaths fell to the lowest level in 90 years.


  • Cannes Lions 2014 – Gold Creativity Lion.
  • Cannes Lions 2014 – Silver
  • Cannes Lions 2014 – Bronze use of Promo & Activation Use of Promo & Activation
  • Cannes Lions 2014 – Silver use of Promo & Activation of Product & Service
Knitting gear with a label with a message on it

Campaign: Homeless Lights

WPP company(s):
Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo

There are 93,000 homeless people in the UK, but millions of people pass them by each day without really noticing them. This campaign ran at Christmas time to make people think again about homelessness and to raise money for charities working to tackle the issue.


  • More than 1 Million views on YouTube and Facebook
  • More than 16.8 Million Impressions
Homeless person with lights around him

Campaign: Siftung “FÜRS LEBEN – für Organspende"

WPP company(s):
Ogilvy & Mather Berlin
Deutsche Stiftung Organtransplantation
A person on a hospital bed in a train station

There were only 867 organ donations in Germany in 2013, but 11,000 people are on the waiting list and three people a day die while waiting for a transplant. This campaign used everyday scenarios to remind people that waiting has a very different meaning when you are on the transplant list.


  • 18,000 donor cards and apps downloaded
Pages of a magazine showing a person on a hospital bed in a train station

Campaign: Drive to Hunger

WPP company(s):
Wunderman3 Chicago

It’s a shocking fact that 9 million over 50s experience hunger every day in America. Wunderman3 Chicago helped NGO the AARP Foundation create Drive to End Hunger, an awareness and fundraising campaign featuring four-time stock car champion driver Jeff Gordon as spokesperson. The campaign collected donations and registered new volunteers through events at NASCAR races and NFL games as well as coverage on social media and radio.


  • TV broadcast media coverage worth $68,000,000 in equivalency value
  • 835,000,000 media impressions
  • $3,800,000 raised from individual and corporate donations
  • 4,000 volunteers attended seven community meal packing events
A racer standing on his car being cheered by the crowd

Campaign: Return of the Ashes

WPP company(s):
Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok
Royal Forest Department, Caran Dache & Forest Fire Control Division
Ash art installation

Wildfires are a serious and recurring problem in Thailand, with the vast majority started deliberately. To raise awareness of the impact of forest fires on the environment and people, the Thai Forestry department, in partnership with Caran D'Ache, created “Return of the Ashes”. The campaign included an exhibition of charcoal drawings created using trees burnt in forest fires. People could also buy a limited edition Caran D’Ache charcoal set to help raise funds for restoring and protecting forests.


  • 1,000 charcoal sets sold in 2 weeks
  • 60 million earned media impressions
  • Thai government promised to funding and monitoring


  • Clio Awards, 2014 Design Environmental Silver
  • Cannes Lions 2014 - Bronze Promo & Activation Lions

Campaign: Please Don’t Text and Drive

WPP company(s):
Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town
Please don't text and drive poster

Texting while driving can be four times more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol. This campaign for Volkswagen used images of the predictive text function to highlight the dangers of texting when driving.


  • 2,000 "shares" on Facebook


  • D&AD In-Book, 2014
  • Cannes Lions Silver 2013
  • Cannes Lions Bronze, 2014
  • One Show Merit, 2014
  • Loerie Award Silver, 2013
Please don't text and drive posters Please don't text and drive posters

Campaign: Orange Babies "Borrowed Time"

WPP company(s):
Quirk South Johannesburg
Orange Babies

“Borrowed Time” depicts an HIV-positive mother trying to let her baby see and experience as much as possible before it is too late. It makes the point that there’s no reason for another baby to be born with HIV and that with the right treatment, education and support the mother-to-child transmission of HIV rate is less than 1.7%. With our donations, Orange Babies can help more children can experience the wonder of a very ordinary life.


  • 2,382 views in the first 3 days with no paid media.
  • Currently 11,047 views across 129 countries.
A woman holding her baby up with sun behind her