3-D Rescue

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For Amblyopia World Campaign Brand Amblyopia awareness

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Project Description
In Colombia, over 50,000 children suffer from Amblyopia or Lazy Eye. Many of these children live in under privileged communities and lack access to medical professionals. Primarily due to the high cost of medical care.
After the success of I Rescue in 2018, the Amblyopia World Campaign briefed us to create a new and engaging way for children in underprivileged communities to test themselves for amblyopia. The more ways we have to reach these children with affordable and accessible medical care, the more chance we have to save their eyesight.

The objective of the campaign was simple: To help children test themselves for amblyopia so we could treat them early on and save their sight.
Children with amblyopia or lazy eye can’t watch movies in 3D. That’s because 3D movies use two projectors to create one image that requires both eyes to focus.
With this realization we turned a 3D animation into a test for amblyopia. To do this required a smart and impeccably crafted design system: Three visual animations in one. Why? Because we needed to test for amblyopia in the right eye, the left eye, or in the case of no amblyopia, both eyes. So we designed an elephant made from two snakes. If children had healthy eyes they’d see the elephant. But if children saw one of the snakes, it meant they potentially suffered from amblyopia.
Agency Solution
Using Colombia’s 2018 population data we noted the number of children between 0-14 is around 11 million. Using further data from poverty and inequality indexes we saw that 3 out of 10 children lived near or below the poverty rate. Since around 50,000 children suffer from amblyopia in Colombia we concluded that 32% or 21,000 children lived in underprivileged communities.
To reach these kids and their parents, the data led us to Royal Films, Colombia’s second largest movie chain and the widest reach of cinemas nationwide. Plus they provide discounted movie tickets at their cinema’s located in underprivileged communities, giving us a direct in to engage parents and children somewhere they loved to visit together, the cinema.
After 3D Rescue played a call-to action encouraged the parents of children who tested positive for amblyopia to call the Amblyopia World Campaign directly for a free consultation and affordable medical care.
To implement 3D Rescue we partnered with Royal Films, Colombia’s second largest movie chain. Royal Films have cinemas located all over Colombia, including in many underprivileged neighborhoods where they offer discounted movie tickets. To get maximum impact we timed the launch of 3D Rescue with the opening week of Dumbo – a movie we knew kids would be lining up to see.
3D Rescue was only meant to play for one week in one cinema, but due to its success Royal Films decided to extend its run for the month of April/ May and placed it in more movie theatres around Colombia. It’s currently getting 336 placements per day at Royal Film theaters.
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