The Not Big Macs

By INGO - Stockholm

For Burger King

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Outdoor

Project Description
17th of January 2019 it became widely known in the world press that McDonalds lost a case where they had sued a small Irish hamburger chain. They no longer had the exclusive rights to the trademark Big Mac. Both internationally and nationally in Sweden where McDonalds are twice the size of Burger King there has been a long feud between the brands. Could this info be used in a clever way in the favour of Burger King?!
Agency Solution
Less than a week later Burger King in Sweden renamed their burgers on the menu boards in restaurants - The Not Big Macs were introduced.
Names such as "The burger Big Mac wants to be", "The Like a Big Mac but actually big", "The Anything but a Big Mac" and "The Big Mac-ish but flame grilled of course" took the world by storm.
The news spread from country to country and media outlet to media outlet, big TV stations and the world's big news publications, and 3 frontage posts at Reddit as an example. After a week the campaign counted 4,77 Billion impressions.
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