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Project Description
In Argentina, there were no low-cost airlines until Flybondi arrived in 2018. We needed to promote the Brand and the convenience of flying with us. The challenge we had to face was that the company had a budget in line with its description: ultra-low cost.
Argentina is constantly suffering economic crises, while politicians are the least affected thanks to taxpayer money. However, we discovered a key fact that could help mitigate this imbalance: every single one of the country’s 329 congressmen and women and entitled to 20 flights per month, which can be traded for cash if they don’t use them. This represents a gargantuan public expense for a society that has to reevaluate their own spending on a daily basis, and that rightfully expects their politicians to be doing the same. That’s what led us to wonder: why won’t they fly with the cheapest airline?
Agency Solution
We chose to communicate to 329 people to let the entire country know that we’re the cheapest airline in Argentina. How? We invited legislators to save up to 30% of the congressional budget by simply flying with the most affordable airline: Flybondi.
We decided to reach out to them as they were debating the following year’s (2019) national budget setting up a giant mobile billboard traveling around the Congress.
We displayed two kinds of billboards: the first was mobile billboard that would go around the Congress to get people’s attention when Congress was in session. The second was a series of stationary billboards in the area, reminding legislators our suggestion later on.
The campaign was completed by contacting each congressman and woman personally through their Twitter accounts, inviting them to join the campaign, and a WhatsApp video for all Argentines to hear about our proposal and find out there’s a new and cheaper way to fly.
Lastly, we put together a video designed for WhatsApp to share our idea with all Argentines to let them know there’s a new and cheaper way to fly.
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