Polluted Soap

By Grey Group Hong Kong, Hong Kong

For Greenpeace

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Identity and Branding - Promotional Items

Project Description
Greenpeace faced the classic challenge of public speaking vs policy action. While many members of the government publicly acknowledged the issue of pollution on Hong Kong’s beaches during campaign speeches and other public appearances, not one had taken meaningful steps to create change.
These empty public statements inspired ‘Polluted Soap’ – a collection of artisanal soaps designed to urge politicians to stop washing their hands of Hong Kong’s pollution problem.
We targeted members of Hong Kong’s legislative council – those politicians who had the direct power to vote for change.
Timing was everything. On April 25, 2018 the Legislative Council was meant to convene to discuss the city’s pollution issues, so we planned our actions for the day before the meeting.
Agency Solution
Working with Taiwanese artist Hung Yi-chen, Greenpeace made soap infused with the ‘essence’ of Hong Kong beaches. Each bar was made from the pollution collected from 10 different beaches, ranging from microplastic, plastic bags, plastic utensils, food packaging, plastic lids, plastic straw, Styrofoam, medical waste, fruit packaging, among other varietals.
On April 24, 2018, 30 council members each received a hand delivered bar of Polluted Soap specific to the garbage found on beaches in their district and a letter asking them to stop washing their hands of the problem.
Out on the streets, Pop-up stalls around the city displayed each of the 10 varieties of Polluted Soap as part of a fundraising drive to create awareness and support amongst the population.
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