500 Years of Stories

By Grey, London, UK

For Tate Britain

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Radio

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Project Description
Tate Britain’s footfall was declining and they were struggling to get people outside of the usual ‘art crowd’ to visit the gallery. The brief was to revitalise the gallery and make it appeal to a broader audience. Overall objectives were to increase footfall and to make people care about art again.  
Radio is rarely used to advertise art, the most visual of mediums. This campaign harnessed the power of spoken words to paint a powerful picture by telling the stories behind them, driving listeners to experience art for themselves at Tate Britain.
Agency Solution
The stories behind pieces of art that were incredibly powerful. They just needed to be retold and reinterpreted for modern times.
War takes a well known artist and explains the circumstances surrounding the depiction. For Gay, we changed focus from the artwork to the story behind the artist’s own life struggle. Gin Lane tells the tragic story behind the main protagonist in a modern day context, delivering its potent message of addiction and despair that it was originally designed to communicate.
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