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Love Bouquet

by GreynJ United - Bangkok

Should go down well on Valentine’s Day.

Like people everywhere, many Thais just don't eat their veggies, increasing their risk of cancer, stroke, and heart issues.

To help Thais live less riskily, Tesco Lotus and GREYnJ United created the “Love Bouquet” shop, a place where people could order bouquets arranged by professional florists.

But no ordinary bouquets, these. Instead, Love Bouquet used a wide selection of beautiful local vegetables from Tesco Lotus, artfully arranged to look stunning.

Florists suggested combinations that gave different health benefits, like a bouquet of carrots, celery, and spinach, good for the eyes and named “Love at first sight.”

As people picked up on the benefits of veggies, Love Bouquet became a national interest. Top TV talk and news programmes featured the initiative, and, altogether, with advice and recipe sharing, it generated over 500,000 uploads on social platforms.
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