Breast Cancer Cure
Breast Milk

by Y&R - New Zealand


Message in a bottle.

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of breast cancer.

It also has the most charities per person among developed countries. No wonder Kiwis get tired of giving.

Good-cause fatigue was what faced the charity Breast Cancer Cure, who hoped to raise funds for research and spark national generosity. Again.

Y&R New Zealand had a bright idea – a way to use the muscle of a big, fast-selling, consumer product to raise donations. They went to premium milk brand Lewis Road Creamery with a plan to repackage and rename their blue-top milk as “Breast Milk”, the “cow’s milk that funds the cure”.

Lewis Road Creamery agreed. Each bottle sold raised 20c for Breast Cancer Cure. Lewis Road Creamery became brand of first choice, increased sales, and so multiplied the donations.

“Breast Milk” was New Zealand’s most talked about charity campaign of 2015 on social platforms and news sites like Buzzfeed, MTV, The Daily Mail and Huffington Post. Impressions (in a country of 4.4 million) hit around 15 million.

“Breast Milk” raised $20,000 for medical research without any charitable spend.

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