Quantifying our impacts

We aim to maximise the positive value our business brings and to minimise negative impacts. To help us do this, we carry out research to quantify our impacts in terms of their monetary cost or benefit to society. This enables us to compare the relative significance of different types of impacts and, over time, may help us to enhance our positive contribution.

Our latest research findings are summarised in the diagram below. They show a significant positive economic impact through payments to governments, our people and supplier partners as well as a positive social impact through our social investment and activities such as training and internships.

Among the impacts we have valued, our main negative impact relates to the cost to society and future generations of greenhouse gas emissions associated with our business activities. Waste disposal is also a negative impact.

Some impacts are very difficult to quantify and we are not yet able to include them in our analysis. For example, if our communications services help clients to increase product sales this could stimulate growth and help create jobs but could also increase consumption of resources. These impacts may also vary significantly from project to project depending on the nature of the client’s business and the particular assignment undertaken.

The methodology used to evaluate our impacts is outlined in Quantifying our impacts: methodology and results.

Summary of our impact

Chart summarizing 3 main categories of 'our impact'. Economic, environmental and social

  • Positive impact
  • Negative impact
  • Indirect impact