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Geometry Global

Report by Steve Harding, global chief executive officer

Photo Steve Harding, Global chief executive officer, Geometry Global

Steve Harding, global chief executive officer

After launching our agency with a proposition to develop highly strategic and creative solutions that drive conversion in the activation and shopper space, 2014 was a year of rolling up our sleeves and delivering on the promise made at launch. In our first full financial year we took significant steps toward enhancing the structure, capabilities and culture of our agency in order to transform our clients’ business.

We opened offices in Ecuador and Venezuela and strengthened our presence in Australia and China through joint ventures and an acquisition. We formalized our network footprint in the Middle East with five new offices with Dubai serving as anchor in the region. Internally, we launched our unique strategic methodology – Leonardo – and creative philosophy – Pivotal Ideas – and have been working to embed these across our 56 markets to bring a unified Geometry approach to our clients’ challenges and opportunities.

We are proud to have expanded our relationships with Unilever, Heineken, Volkswagen and Coca-Cola, with whom we will be partnering on key global shopper programs across multiple markets. We are also proud that Geometry led the

WPP consortium that won the General Mills business, together with sister companies Rockfish, Barrows, Bravo and Kantar Retail.

Through all this, we haven’t lost sight of why we come to work each day – to inspire people to buy well and enable brands to engage with people in meaningful and mutually beneficial ways. The campaigns we create are fuelled by this passion and have won accolades from the industry. In 2014, we won over 550 awards, with excellent performances at Cannes and the Effies.

In 2015, we will continue to build upon all these strengths and fully leverage our tools and approaches so that Geometry becomes irresistible to new clients, indispensable to existing ones, and a magnet for talent across the globe.