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Report by Ajaz Ahmed, chief executive officer

Photo of Ajaz Ahmed, Founder and chief executive officer, AKQA

Ajaz Ahmed, chief executive officer

At AKQA we believe in the imaginative application of art and science to create beautiful ideas, products and services.

With an entrepreneurial, collaborative approach we design digital services and applications that capture the imagination, delivering impressive returns for our clients. Here are four examples of AKQA’s uplifting creativity and ideas in 2014 that inspired people in unexpected ways:

  • In China, Nike Rise put the next wave of players through their paces on the world’s first interactive LED basketball court. Exploiting motion-tracking and reactive visualisation to create a pinnacle experience, teach the fundamentals of basketball and push the boundaries of sports training. Rise captured the imagination of a nation and beyond, inspiring kids across the world to play the game.
  • The Dyson Link app provides complete control of Dyson’s 360 Eye™ robot vacuum to achieve the best automated cleaning. Dyson Link enables owners to start, pause or schedule cleaning sessions from anywhere.
  • Vodafone Firsts connects people with technology to help realise their dreams. As part of the series, we introduced the world to two ladies in their 70s who had never flown before, documenting their life-changing journey aboard their first flight. Another first saw a young veteran run 31 miles across London in the shape of the world’s biggest poppy, guided by a smartphone, on behalf of the Royal British Legion.

... the most powerful force in the universe isn’t technology. It’s imagination

  • Attracting talent that is passionate, curious, inventive, that cares about ideas and making a difference for clients remains our priority. Each quarter, multidiscipline makers and thinkers are chosen to spend 12 weeks at AKQA’s Future Academy. Their mission: don’t just think it – make it. Future Academy helps nurture the next generation by giving them the canvas to create, and the coding tools to realise their creations.

As these examples demonstrate, the most powerful force in the universe isn’t technology.

It’s imagination.