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Project Description
Every summer, IBM launches a campaign to coincide with the Wimbledon Tennis Championships (of which IBM is the technology partner of). The campaigns are aimed at ITDMs and C-suite executives, and demonstrate the power and use of IBM’s technologies through its relationship with Wimbledon.
In 2018, we had a very specific problem for our campaign. In that summer, the tennis wasn’t the biggest sporting event on. The Football World Cup was also in full swing, and stealing many fans attention away from Wimbledon. This would usually mean that fans wouldn’t be interested in our marketing and communications. But we turned this problem to our advantage.
How could we utilise IBM technology and data analysis to divert fans attention away from the football, and back towards Wimbledon and our campaign? Well, we hijacked the noise of the World Cup by comparing the two sports as events and moments happened in real time.
Agency Solution
Our campaign was called Find The Advantage. It was about how we can use data to learn from competitors and others, to gain an edge and get ahead. This idea applies to sport and the business world - our target audience.
So, when something big happened in the football (like Ronaldo missing a penalty), we asked what could be learned from tennis (like Federer’s ability to deal with extreme pressure).
Using IBM’s AI technology, we went through thousands of points of data to make the comparisons on key player attributes and characteristics. These comparisons went live in real-time on social media and digital posters.
The campaign grew bigger when Sky Sports picked it up, and hosted our data and findings on a talk show where experts and sporting legends discussed the comparisons. And our insights fuelled friendly fan rivalries about what makes the ultimate athlete.
Our target audience saw IBM demonstrating the use and ability of its AI and data technologies. Our secondary and tertiary touch points then directed them with messaging about the specific use of IBM at Wimbledon and in other industries.
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