By Ogilvy - Sao Paulo

For Petz Brand eCommerce

Highly Commended in category Progressive
Use of Mobile

Project Description
Petz is the largest pet shop chain in Brazil and the company keeps growing. Its e-commerce platform is fast, modern, safe and complete. But our target still prefers shopping at one of the eighty stores around the country. Who is our target? Women (55%) and men (45%), aged 25 to 55 years old, from classes A, B and C. These people treat their dogs like a family member. And they have strong bonds with brands that understand their feelings. So, our challenge was to promote Petz e-commerce - driving traffic to the platform and boosting sales – as well as to show how the company understands what owners feel for their pets and their needs when shopping online. That's why we created Pet-commerce. The first online shopping experience where the dogs get to choose what they really wanna buy. How does it work? It's simple. The owner goes to Petz’s website, click on Pet-commerce button and go to an ambient designed specifically for dogs. Then, all the owner has to do is turning on the camera and playing the products videos to the dog. A tool that combines A.I. and visual recognition will analyze each of the dogs facial expressions and detect when he/she is interested in a certain product, adding it to the shopping cart. Then, the owner can review the dog’s wish list and proceed with the purchase. In o other words, the dogs shop and the humans pay.
Agency Solution
Pet-commerce is the first-ever online store that uses facial recognition to let dogs do their own shopping. This was only possible thanks to the use of creative data. To build a totally new artificial intelligence, capable of identifying the most varied dogs facial expressions, we had to feed it with twenty thousand images of different dog breeds. Each of them, manually ranked by one of the best dog trainers in Brazil, according to five levels of interest. After a long process of machine learning, the A.I. was able to detect the same signs of interest as the dog trainer did. Simultaneously, we made the first UX and UX designed specifically for dogs. To pull this off, we took into account the dogs view. Unlike humans, dogs see a scale of yellows and blues. Furthermore, they don't pay attention to static images. So, all the products on the platform are presented as videos with blue and yellow backgrounds. The browsing experience combined with the artificial intelligence were able to offer an unprecedented experience for both dog and owner.
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