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By Mindshare - Colombo

For Unilever Sri Lanka Brand Signal

Winner in category Progressive
Use of Mobile

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Project Description
Around 85% of Sri Lankan's suffer from cavities, due to the habit of not brushing their teeth twice a day as recommended. Signal, Sri Lanka’s largest oral care brand dedicated to preserve the Sri Lankan Smile needed a way to reach its core audience (Male & Female 18-65+) to raise awareness on its new campaign “Katath Kiyanna Ratath Madinna” which means to remind everyone to brush their teeth at night. Since oral hygiene is not limited to any age, group, gender or class, we needed to craft a campaign with the motive of pushing our message across every Sri Lankan household. The objective of this new campaign is to promote the importance of brushing teeth at night an aim to uplift Sri Lankan’s Hygiene standard. It had to be a simple solution that could effectively reach the masses.
Agency Solution
Since Sri Lanka is a 100% mobile penetrated market we’ve identified a high number of call-waiting or call fails at night, by leveraging on this opportunity we managed to launch Sri Lanka’s first ever caller unavailable campaign that would remind the nation to brush their teeth at night. We partnered with Sri Lankas leading telco “Dialog” which has the largest number of mobile users in comparison to other telecommunication providers present in Sri Lanka. Through this we were able to create a new advertising platform that would allow Signal to replace the default caller unavailable tone with a branded jingle promoting the core message of the campaign which is “Katath Kiyanna Ratath Madinna” (Remember to brush at night) which drives the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, in this case at night. This feature was activated only during the night whenever a call was unavailable, in-waiting or failed it would trigger our message, immediately reminding the caller to brush his/her teeth at night.
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