United Against Abuse

By MediaCom - Copenhagen

For Danner Brand Danner

Winner in category Media

Project Description
One in every 60 Danish women experiences domestic abuse. We needed to help people recognise the signs of violence to stop this abhorrent problem getting worse.
Objective: increase engagement with Danner – one of Denmark’s oldest crisis centres.
Agency Solution
We wanted to make domestic abuse real. To create an in-your-face about the harsh physical reality of abuse; to help people understand what it means to hit and be hit.
Our idea: create an interactive, compelling and realistic experience that graphically showed the impact of violence. Putting our female target audience in the position of abuser via digital.
And to drive reach, the people being beaten up were some of Denmark’s most popular personalities on the country’s biggest social media platform - Instagram.
We persuaded seven of the most popular Danish influencers on Instagram to let the decidedly un-Danish topic of domestic violence dominate their feeds.
We wanted to show the raw experience of beating someone up via the simple mechanism of tapping on a smartphone screen.
Our message was designed to trigger an emotional response rather than just educating our target group – getting them even more involved in the issue.
And because our influencers were actively sought out by our target audience, there was no need to support the activity with paid advertising.
The experience was created by filming our influencers mimicking the impact of being hit before making them up with realistic cuts and bruises, based on Danner’s real-world knowledge of the impact of domestic violence.
The experience was backed up with press outreach, supported by our influencers, to ensure that we maximised the earned media coverage both on Instagram and more widely.
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