Love Island Styles

By MediaCom Regional HQ - London

For Missguided Brand Missguided

Highly Commended in category Media

Project Description
The fast-fashion sector is cluttered and competitive. Brands are quick to imitate trends and update products.
For UK online fast-fashion women’s retailer, Missguided, staying front of mind is key to maintaining success. However, as an online retailer, Missguided has few physical outlets.
Driving spontaneous awareness was tied to driving real cultural impact.
Enter Love Island: a hit TV reality show. It's also a UK cultural behemoth, especially among the brand’s target demographic of 16-34-year-old women. While running, it’s all the UK tunes into or talks about. Airing on ITV (the UK’s second-biggest TV channel), the 2018 series experienced more conversation on Twitter than Brexit, the Royal Wedding and World Cup.
From sponsorship to branded ad spots, product placement to e-commerce apps, we planned a TV partnership which would make Missguided looks instantly available for purchase, collapse the gap between onscreen inspiration and check-out, and drive Missguided’s summer sales.
Agency Solution
To allow customers to truly shop the screen, we partnered with Love Island. The first step was for the Islanders (and de facto influencers) to wear Missguided clothes, as well as featuring Missguided clothes in other show partners’ ads (e.g. Jet2, Lucozade) to drive purchase intent and cross-fertilisation.
To close the gap between the point of on-screen inspiration and check-out, our secret weapon was the accompanying Love Island app – which lets viewers vote for favourite Islanders. 89.4% of 16-29-year-old women use phones whilst watching TV and are 22% more likely to use phones during this time than others. The app has 3.5m users, more active users than Uber or Deliveroo, and viewers browse it more than Facebook when watching the show. By adapting the app to include e-commerce, we could provide regular cast clothing updates, let viewers buy in-app – and tap into the immediacy that youth audiences crave when fashion-shopping.
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