Breast Buffer

By Grey - Mumbai

For ALTBalaji

Highly Commended in category Media

Project Description
Women in India spend twice as many hours as men, watching content online. But given the data speeds on mobile devices in India, there is evidently some downtime while watching video content. In fact, ALTBalaji’s subscribers stare at the buffering symbol for an average of 18 seconds per episode. Which means their entire women subscriber base of 1.2 million stares at the buffering symbol for approximately 360,000 minutes a day. Could we utilise this downtime to remind women to check themselves for breast cancer?
There’s been a sharp rise in the incidence of breast cancer in urban India, especially amongst women under the age of 50. This makes the idea of preventive self-care even more crucial. And all it needs is two minutes of her time. Even though they are aware of the dangers of breast cancer, most women neglect this life-saving practice.
ALTBalaji, one of India’s leading VOD apps wanted to remind its women subscribers to perform the breast self-exam regularly.
Agency Solution
ALTBalaji has a lot of programming which is women-centric. So, they chose 24 shows which were the most popular and decided to replace the buffering symbol on these programmes. The buffering symbol works as a personal and discreet reminder that encouraged them to check themselves for breast cancer. It was accompanied with a message that guided them to the initiatives page, which included breast self-examination tutorials in English and Hindi.
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