By Ogilvy - Johannesburg

For Philips & The Nelson Mandela Foundation Brand Philips Shavers

Highly Commended in category Health & Wellness

In subcategory Consumer-Traditional

Project Description
Some people leave their mark on us.
One such person was Nelson Mandela. A man who taught us about unity, humility and forgiveness. On his centenary it was only fitting that we honour him for what he stood for. Philips and The Nelson Mandela foundation teamed up to celebrate his legacy and give people a chance to walk in his footsteps, by wearing his iconic haircut.
#shavetoremember was born.
Philips barbers travelled nationwide setting up mobile barbershops where people could get their haircut. Just by wearing something as simple as his haircut, people embodied what he stood for.
2018 marked the centenary of South Africans liberation icon, Nelson Mandela. So Philips and The Nelson Mandela Foundation wanted to and honour his legacy by reminding South Africans of his values.
Remembering an icon through his iconic haircut. Our role was to build the #ShaveToRemember movement and ignite acquisition in the aspirational target market for the brand. We developed a unique direct response funnel approach to reach our target audience on social and TV – driving mass awareness and action in the form of activations.
Agency Solution
A significant part of the campaign was to make the haircut accessible to the masses through activations. So we sent out our mobile barbershops, manned by an army of Philips barbers with Philips Shavers, to go and offer free haircuts.
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