By Grey - Dusseldorf

For BARMER Brand Barmer (health insurance)

Highly Commended in category Health & Wellness

In subcategory Consumer-Digital

Project Description
Everyone has their own recipe for staying healthy. And if that doesn’t work, we help."" Under this motto, BARMER launched a large-scale TV image campaign in 2016. The goal of the brand was to show that every individual has their own individual recipe for health and happiness.
In the second stage of the campaign, the task was to go deeper and prove the message of the TV campaign.
Our solution was a content campaign with emotional film portraits depicting real people's recipes fo ra healthy life in long formats.
It starts with people who know best how to stay healthy for a long time - very old people. In 5 to 6 minute formats, we accompanied the elderly, listened and learned a lot about life.
Agency Solution
A long-term content campaign with films in which real people and their
life recipes are introduced. Based on a classic Image Campaign
under the claim “Everyone has their own recipe for staying healthy. As a result of a rigorous Casting process we found three protagonists aged between 91 and 100. People with totally different life stories and backgrounds. Gerhard, 100, worked his whole life as a painter. The 94-year-old Helga, who has been standing behind the counter of her beloved bookstore since 1944. And last but not least, Rudi, at 91, Germany's oldest football coach, who has lived and breathed the sport with every fiber of his body - on all continents of the world.
The campaign with it’s three 6 to 7 minutes long film portraits started in October 2017 in Social Media Channel as posts and PreRolls.
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