Miles for the People

By Grey - Sao Paulo

For Reclame Aqui

Highly Commended in category Direct

In subcategory Corporate and Public Affairs

Project Description
Brasília is the capital of Brazil. It is a city created 60 years ago to be the base of Congress. That's why almost no congressman lives there. Thus, weekly, 600 politicians go and return from their hometowns to the capital city. That means almost 5 thousand trips a week. That's U$ 15 million a year. Approximately 25 million miles accrued in mileage programs. Except for the fact that, if the ticket was bought with public money, the miles belong to the people. However, they are not for anyone; only those who really need to fly but cannot afford to. People without financial means and with real the need and urgency to have surgery or treatments, to participate in sports competitions or to present scientific theses or join universities. All proven by a board of lawyers at Reclame Aqui. To recover the miles for the people, we went after the politicians in Congress. Next, we used the immense online engagement base of Reclame Aqui to put pressure on them. And it worked.
Agency Solution
To get an idea of how many miles the politicians generate annually, we tracked the expense site of the national congress. After accessing the expenses in tickets of each of the almost 600 congresspeople, we arrived at the absurd sum of USD 15,000,000.00 per year in tickets. About 25 million miles. Then we went after them to ask for the return of the miles that had been paid for with public money. At the door of the national congress, we recorded a video where some of them pledged to return the miles and some did not. Then we used Reclame Aqui's engagement on social networks to pressure politicians. And the people joined. Thousands of messages asking for the miles back were sent to politicians' profiles. For the congressmen to return the miles, it was simple: just go to the campaign website, register your miles and make them available for one of the cases approved by the lawyers at Reclame Aqui. More than 20 flights were carried out in two months, allowing treatments, sports competitions inside and outside the country and the presentation of a scientific thesis. More importantly, it spawned millions in spontaneous media, awakening the population to something that no one had ever realized. Who kept the miles generated by the flights that were paid for with my money?
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