World's Slowest Pizza Delivery

By Ogilvy - Chicago

For Sargento Brand Sargento

Highly Commended in category Direct

In subcategory Consumer Marketing

Project Description
The World’s Slowest Pizza launched with a film and PR effort that directed users to our website. Because Sargento is new to the pizza business, we partnered with a gourmet Chicago-based pizzeria to make and deliver the pizzas. We worked with their chefs to develop 4 custom pizzas based on our 4 aged cheeses. Anyone within the pizzeria’s delivery area could order. And if someone tried to order outside of the delivery radius, they were given a coupon and a recipe on how to make their own pizza that night (without having to wait). Once orders were placed, we emailed updates, informing people on their cheese’s status. Participants could also watch their cheese age with our live cheese cam. And when their cheese was finally ready, we notified them to set up a delivery time so we could make and deliver their pizza as quickly as possible.
Agency Solution
We decided that the best way for people to experience our cheese was to put it on everyone’s favorite food – pizza. We would even make and deliver them for free. But there was one catch… people had to wait 4 to 18 months to actually get their pizza (the same time it takes for our cheese to age). We called it “The World’s Slowest Pizza Delivery” and created a website where people could choose 4 months for an aged Italian pizza, 6 months for an aged gouda, 14 months for a parmesan, and if they were really patient, 18 months for an aged cheddar pizza. While most pizza places try to rush your order to you as quickly as possible, we did the exact opposite, guaranteeing delivery in 4 to 18 months. Because if you want a pizza made with aged cheese, you have to wait until the cheese ages.
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