Burn that Ad

By DAVID - Sao Paulo

For Burger King

Winner in category Direct

In subcategory Consumer Marketing

Project Description
Burger King launched an in-app sales service in Brazil. But people weren't actually using it, mainly because they didn’t know of its existence. So, we created an idea that people could actually be part of it. Using an interactive AR experience, we put in their hands the choice to set our main rival on fire. After all, in Brazil, McDonald’s invests about four times more in media than Burger King. Their ads are literally everywhere, so we hacked all of them.
Agency Solution
Inside Burger King’s app, we created an Augmented Reality feature that transforms every McDonald ad into a Burger King ad using our main feature: fire.
Using Augmented Reality, we let people set McDonald’s ads on fire for a free Whopper.
We built a dynamic database, connected to our app, that recognized all McDonald’s ads, including: Outdoor, posters, banners, digital ads, social media posts, google search images, Waze ads or even in-store communication, like tray paper and menu boards, and automatically set it on fire, turning it into a free Whopper coupon. Turning every McDonald’s ad, into an ad for Burger King.
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