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Project Description
Aeromexico, the largest airline in Mexico, obtained a considerable amount of its revenue from flights from Mexico to the US (58% p.a.); but not so much the other way around (flights from the US to Mexico: 28% p.a.). This fact implied a long-term unsustainable situation in terms of people, time, and budget. The band needed and wanted a strong action that not only solved their business problem but also reinforced the statement they had been positioning for more than 3 years: "There are no borders within us".
Before coming up with the solution, it was necessary to consider the contextual political situation, created and promoted by President Trump, where hatred towards Mexico was at its highest levels, being more evident and radical in the precise locations next to the Mexican border. In addition and contrast, it was important to remember the fact that Aeromexico's main partner is an American company with which they manage billions of dollars businesses.
Finally, and within an ambivalent framework, it was crucial to be clear that the main challenge was creating a new behavior and interest, in an audience that was sensitive and predispose by historical and current events.
Agency Solution
We needed to create a big and bold statement that could permeate as many people as possible. We decided to focus our approach on creating an idea for a specific audience, expecting a demonstrative result.
We first studied the current political situation and contrasted that information with data from a research developed with the USA Department of Homeland Security, in which Mexican migration through the years was sustained not as a recent phenomenon, but as a settlement of Mexican communities since the 1600s; meaning that a large percentage of Americans have Mexican DNA.
All those acquired facts were crossed with social media and behavioral data, allowing to establish the most reluctant audience and prone States (Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and Utah), where Mexican descendants NOT interested on flying to Mexico could be.
We strategically established that this situation was a behavioral problem that could only be countered by another behavior; so we appealed to something Americans are proven to love: sales, faced with something they claimed to hate: Mexico; and that’s how we developed a new media implementation where people’s DNA turned a traditional promotion into a revealing reward.
After all, how can you reject something you got inside?

- Explain clearly the creative idea
- How the creative strategy directly influenced the creative excecution
These insights, tensions, data analysis, and social behavior directed the creative team to bring to life a disruptive idea designed for the specific and identified reluctant Southern border audience: DNA Discounts, a promotion that gave discounts to Americans based on the results of their DNA tests. The more Mexicans they were, the more discount they got.
People were not only targeted, but documented. The production selected and asked people about their feelings and beliefs towards Mexico. Then, performed the DNA tests powered by 23andME; and were able to record the shocking reaction when finding out about the percentage of Mexican DNA they held.
The brand, through DNA results, turned a traditional promotion into a viral -more than 166 countries-, and revealing reward in which every discount they gave was as unique as people’s DNA; proving through real facts that "There are no borders within us".
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