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Ok, so we didn’t align with Cannes results. But that’s ok, right? In fact, judging by the post Croisette mumblings this year, many didn’t. And the way I see it, if we mirrored the Lions, we may as well have been replaced by an algorithm. And AI, we ain’t.

So what tickled our flesh and blood this year?

Not so much to be honest. We were tickled, yes, but certainly not rolling in the aisles. The standard felt a little lower than the last couple of years. Nothing on the scale of Google, Home of the Whopper or Nature Represented this time. And a record low number of entries too, with the total down to half that of last year. No doubt a sign of budgets being squeezed tighter than Ronnie Wood’s trousers after wash day.

Our decidedly un-algorithmic debate saw the wonderfully insightful ‘Scent by Glade’ effortlessly rise to the top to claim the cream. It’s perfectly targeted, truly innovative and beautifully crafted. Linking directly to sales through a mobile scan saw it achieve a whopping 83% sales lift too.

Also with the sweet smell of summer meadows were the other six winners, all feeling like they were a clear cut above the next ten commendations. Plenty of work to be proud of though.

A big thank you to my fellow judge, Paul Waddup from Wunderman Thompson for his wonderfully analogue dialogue. It was a pleasure. And look forward to next year!

Jury Chairman | Chief Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy UK
Charlie Wilson

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