Made By You

By Landor - Chicago

For Kimberly-Clark Brand Huggies

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Packaging - Brand

Project Description
In the highly-competitive world of diapers, connecting to first-time parents is critical, so we needed to make receiving diapers a memorable moment of connection through the community of friends and family that surrounds them.
We recognized that every mom needs new diapers, but nobody wants to give them because they aren’t sentimental or special enough. We also knew that parents are sharing baby’s life everywhere they can, from Instagram and Facebook to Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok. With a 4.5% year-over-year volume growth decrease in the diaper category and new growth expected to come from incremental purchases like gifting, it was time for a change. Especially when that change represented a $192MM opportunity. We needed to make diapers exciting to create, personalize, and bring to a baby shower—making them just as giftable and shareable as everything else flooding the baby world.
Our main objective was to help Huggies turn their trade-secret printing technologies into a DTC brand that would make customized diapers the latest, must-have baby gift. Our key deliverables included brand strategy, naming, voice, tagline, messaging, copywriting, product design, packaging design, XD, and UX. With a goal of delighting the gifter at each touchpoint, we implemented four key user-centric principles: Confidence, Creativity, Connection, and Credit.
Agency Solution
Our strategy was to create the first and only diaper brand that celebrates and connects baby’s community with a gift that’s as fun for gifters to create as it is to open. To bring this idea to life, we designed every element of the experience—from customizing to unboxing—in just four days with a cross-functional team of brand natives.
To instill confidence in our gifters, we designed intuitive wireframes as the framework for an easy and fun online user experience. With Made By You’s user-friendly web platform, users can filter through patterns, shapes, colors, and phrases without ever logging in or losing their place.
To ensure a premium Huggies brand impression, we chose to maintain a high level of aesthetic quality and designed a customization journey where all roads led to adorable. At any level, each design choice is brought to life in real time, updating patterns, shapes, and color changes throughout. Pattern play is enhanced with clear navigation and intentional use of Huggies’ equity red to drive the creative process.
At the user’s first touchpoint, the Made By You website, the perfect gift is simplified with prompts to design a diaper, personalize a card, and send the gift on its way. By developing intuitive wireframes for desktop and mobile, we allow gifters to mix, match, and monogram their signature moment wherever inspiration strikes.
The design process begins with five trend collections we defined by the latest looks in fashion, named Bright World, Sweet Safari, Little Hero, Mediterranean Mama, and Pattern Party. With nine patterns per collection, as well as idea starter prompts, gifters are guaranteed a fashion-forward design.
The box features a clean design that shapes an experience through the final reveal, propelling our mom-to-be through each piece of the gift. Upon opening the box, she’ll find a personalized card placed design-up, so she can flip it over and soak in the sentiment before finally unveiling her baby’s upcoming fashion foray.
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