Dell Interactive Cinema

By FITCH - New York

For Dell

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Environments - Retail POS

Project Description
Today's consumers expect engaging experiences in-store, so for Dell to demonstrate the 3 pillars of its Cinema software it needed to be highly interactive and engaging. We needed to capture the shoppers attention in a competitive and cluttered retail environment and educate why CinemaColor, CinemaStream, and CinemaSound set Dell apart.
Agency Solution
We have launched Dell’s first interactive in-store experience, romanticizing the capabilities of the XPS laptop. Built-in motion tracking activates an explosion of beautiful visuals on-screen that follow shoppers’ movements, inviting them to stop, play, discover, and learn in-store. Each pillar is beautifully illustrated through 3 sections of interactive content. The more the user engages with the device, the more immersed they become. This not only increases the amount of time each person spends with the machine, but also their knowledge of Dell and Dell Cinema. It was important that Interactive Cinema Content (ICC) be both beautiful and easy to use.
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