Folded Logo

By Ogilvy - New York

For Samsung Brand Samsung Electronics

Highly Commended in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Digital - Online

Project Description
To signal the arrival of a device that breaks the laws of physics, we broke the most important rule of design: We folded Samsung’s logo.
On November 4th, without any kind of explanation, Samsung changed all company’s social media profile images to show their logo Folded. To amplify the message, we used all the online speculation in our advantage: we changed the profile pictures of Samsung’s social media accounts to show the folded logo for 24 hours. With no explanation. The internet did the rest, spreading the message across the world.
Folding the logo of one of the biggest companies in the world is a very bold statement that defies the rules of design and corporate culture. Something like that would not go unnoticed and that’s exactly why we did it: to become a powerful symbol that defines a crucial moment in mobile history.
Agency Solution
As with any highly anticipated device, the internet was churning out leaks and speculative designs for a foldable phone. Samsung's revolutionary Galaxy Fold was about to change the category forever and the brand needed to own this breakthrough. It had to be the brand for foldable phones—before ever even introducing the device.
With a diverse audience, from early technology adopters to luxury consumers, we needed to send a message in a universally captivating way. Like the brand, it had to be premium, differentiated, and bold.
The brand needed a simple but powerful visual metaphor that could capture the essence of the Galaxy Fold and the disruptive nature of its innovation. The Folded Logo is a strong symbol that brings to life the very bold attitude that made the foldable phone possible in the first place. It was perfect for a global audience.
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