Shake to Design

By Ogilvy - Frankfurt

For The Coca-Cola Company Brand Fanta

Highly Commended in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Digital - Experimental

Project Description
Fanta invites its main target group teens to design the labels of 35 mil. cans and bottles available in summer.
Make it fun, easy & mobile without downloading a new app, a new game or a VR-AI-google-data-WTF-add-on – plus without media discontinuity. So we had to come up with a smart solution to get as many user generated Fanta label designs as possible: a) is accessible directly, b) works on Instagram where our target group is 24/7, c) is so unique, innovative and fun that we don’t have to activate as hell.
Agency Solution
Many brands let customers design the packaging, especially in the FMCG sector. We made Fanta standing out with an innovative and individual mobile user design experience.
How? By simply turning the standard built-in tools of every smartphone into creative design tools – in realtime! That way, the whole target group became brand designers.
We used every smartphone’s basic hardware as a smart design tool: the gyro sensor and acceleration sensor that sense in which direction the phone is turning and pointing in – and how fast it is moving.
„Fanta – Shake to design” is directly accessible via a simple swipe up on Instagram (without any new game, app or add-on downloading!), where our young target group is 24/7. Every teen could design now a Fanta label like never before. By shaking the smartphone to a beat, the motion data was converted into individual designs, patterns and colours – in realtime!
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