Volleyball Nations League: 100% Made of Volleyball

By Landor - Paris

For Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) Brand Volleyball Nations League

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Craft - Typography for Design

Project Description
Did you know that volleyball is the most watched sport during the Olympics? If not, you’re not a fan.
If volleyball is largely known, loved and followed by people who practice it, it leaves many others quite indifferent.
This was FIVB’s challenge while launching the Volleyball Nations League competition (VNL): to create a global platform that makes volleyball shine beyond just practitioners. Bringing together the best national teams in the world, VNL was set to become the greatest event in volleyball. A spectacular case to engage with broader audiences, ignite the flame, and convey all that this sport can bring to our world. It just needed a brand to carry this ambition.
Agency Solution
To make the new Volleyball Nations League competition the epitome of Volleyball, we created a typeface 100% made of volleyball. The Rally embodies the sport’s most important and unique value: team is everything and you are nothing without the team.
Just as it takes a team to win a point, it takes a team to make a letter. Each letter is created during real volleyball exchanges, the movement of the ball passing from hand to hand is recorded in motion capture as professional players recreate the shapes from A to Z. The Rally dresses itself up in the iconic texture and colours of the ball in 3D to celebrate the spectacular sensations and emotions of the game.
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