Take Another Look

By Landor - London, Landor - CEEMEA

For Azerbaijan Tourism Board Brand Azerbaijan Country Brand

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory 360 Integrated Design

Project Description
What do you think of Azerbaijan? If you’re picturing oil fields, an ex-Soviet state, or even a recent Eurovision contestant, you’re not alone. In the minds of millions of people, the image and reality of Azerbaijan have never been more different. We were tasked with bridging the gap, creating a brand that reveals the nation’s true identity.
Agency Solution
We began by extensively exploring the country itself because as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. For two weeks, we visited several parts of the country and held at least fifty first-hand conversations with the people. Based on deep insight gathered during this immersive experience, we created the destination brand for Azerbaijan.

Our journey through Azerbaijan became the basis for the new positioning statement, ‘Take another look’. The statement invited our audience to reconsider their perceptions of the entire country. ‘Looking again’ would reveal a place filled with the unexpected—a place of exceptional diversity and surprising contrasts.

These ‘revealing contrasts’ underpinned our work on Azerbaijan’s new branding. To play up the diversity and contrasts visually, we created a unique and dynamic graphic device based on Azerbaijan’s initial, “A”.

This is the first destination brand to acknowledge negative audience sentiment and address it directly.
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