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Project Description
Every 15 minutes a baby is born addicted to opioids, according to the National Institutes of Health, one of America’s most respected health research organizations. This 400% increase in infant opioid dependency is happening because most mothers can’t access or afford treatment for their substance use disorder. As the opioid crisis hits critical mass, something has to be done to help at-risk mothers before they give birth. If they don’t get help, their newborns can suffer from tremors, low weight, irregular heart rates and even death.
Addicted mothers face enormous stigma and judgement by the public. So, to help opioid’s most stigmatized victims, you have to focus on a victim no person could ever judge – their newborn children.
So we created and designed Opi’s: the first baby brand for babies withdrawing from opioids was launched. The fully functioning brand would have an online store, social media channels, a spokesperson and most importantly, a line of products designed for babies coming off of heroin, Oxycontin and Fentanyl. The goal was to use our product concepts to raise awareness of the issue and get donations to get Moms the support, education and treatment they need.
Agency Solution
Opi’s used insights from local doctors to design product prototypes based on each symptom of opioid withdrawal.
The Morphi Spoon – inspired by the morphine some babies need to be weaned off opioids
The Breathe & Feed – designed to keep infants with nerve damage from choking on their milk
And the Heart Rate ‘N Rattle – created to monitor their dangerously irregular heart rates.
The brand and its products were then launched like a normal baby brand. A visual identity was created, Influencer kits were constructed and sent to influencers and a social campaign targeted the products at parents. All of this invited people to visit our online store. There, customers learned about the problem, the products and were prompted to help by donating.
The funding all going to provide education, support and treatment for expecting mothers, ending the cycle of addiction.
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