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Creative Transformation - our reason for being

Ikigai is a Japanese philosophy that means “reason for being” or ‘things that you live for’.

It’s a concept I have been studying for several years, and in this instance relates specifically to the joy and worth you feel as a designer when you achieve recognition for a job well done.

Creative transformation is what makes our collective design and branding actions worthwhile - it’s what we live for - taking brands into new and challenging areas of growth. It's why we strive to produce well-crafted and highly-informed solutions for emerging commercial and consumer issues. This year’s crop of awarded work lives up to that ideal.

I was joined this year by fellow Creative Transformers - Peter Knapp/Hsu-Ying Fullick (Landor), Kenny Holmes (Geometry), Anna Chimes (FITCH), Sam Stone (CPB) and Greg Quinton/Graham Sturt (Superunion/VBAT) who selected Winners and Highly Commended work across 22 categories.  Our task continues to grow each year as design and branding continues to flourish as a business and brand tool in its many forms.

Finally, “Yoku dekimashita” - “you did it well” or “good work” to Superunion, this year’s Crème de la Crème winner for the creation of the compelling and diverse rebranding of BBC 2.

Jury Chairman | Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, FITCH
Tim Greenhalgh

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