The Preservation Robot

By J. Walter Thompson - Amsterdam

For Jimmy Nelson

Highly Commended in category Data-Driven

Project Description
World renowned photographer Jimmy Nelson has dedicated his life preserving indigenous cultures by portraying and spreading their proud beauty.
Although selling millions of copies of his books - spreading his philosophy - Jimmy Nelson reached out to us to come up with a solution on fighting the Westernization of the world. Because we’re running out of time and therefore need something hugely impactful to raise awareness among Western cultures and help answer the question: How do you fight Westernization that gets its power from advertising and technology? By turning both against itself.

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation is using the power of the internet against itself by unleashing The Preservation Robot. An autonomous robot that fights back against Westernization by flooding the internet with images of indigenous cultures.

The robot - created together with data scientists, AI developers and robotics engineers - is programmed to search for open online spaces, create social media and cloud platform accounts, and upload thousands of images of indigenous cultures – at this very moment.

We worked with the best Search Engine Optimization experts, to ensure these images pop up everywhere. Resulting in a more culturally diverse internet.
The Preservation Robot is an automated long-term solution that will change the face of the internet. Helping humans to preserve cultural diversity one upload at a time.
Agency Solution
In order to flood the internet with the proud photos of indigenous cultures - without being flagged as spam - we teamed up with experts in various fields of computer science: data scientists, AI developers, Search Engine Optimization experts and robotics engineers.

The Preservation Robot is equipped with a Web Search API that enables it to search for open online spaces like social media platforms and cloud sharing websites. Through Natural Language Processing it executes custom account generating scripts. When succeeded, it starts uploading thousands of images of indigenous cultures. After each upload, the robot retrieves the geolocation from the server it’s been uploaded to, so we can trace the actual location on our campaign website, which features a real-time visualization of Earth and The Preservation Robot’s progress.
Furthermore, all the photos are equipped with specific hidden keywords in the metadata to make sure they pop up everywhere on the internet.
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